Our sites

With a strong sense of national identity but a cosmopolitan outlook, deep-rooted but dynamic – that’s BORA and that’s what we stand for through and through. Our high-quality products are made in Germany and Austria. From here they are delivered all over the world. This is why our home region is also the perfect setting for training our retail partners from around the globe. A warm welcome to our head office in Raubling, Germany, and to our Research and Development Centre in Niederndorf, Austria as well as in Oss and London.

Raubling site – BORA Academy

The BORA training centre in Raubling is the beating heart of the Academy. The unique architecture and use of materials in the training centre reflect the BORA values, creating an ideal interactive space for learning and experimenting where you’re sure to feel at home.

Rosenheimer Str. 32, 83064
Raubling, Deutschland

Niederndorf site

BORA's hotbed of innovation is the Research and Development Centre in Niederndorf. This is where new products come to life and where the marketing, product management and international order processing and customer service departments are based. 

Innstr. 1 , 6342
Niederndorf, Österreich

Herford site

From October 2023, BORA Herford will be available as an additional training site in the heart of the kitchen furniture industry. We will convey our expert knowledge to you in a fun, lively and professional manner with a healthy mix of theory and practice. Training at the eastern Westphalian site will primarily focus on new products, installation and sales.

Ahmser Strasse 156, 32052
Herford, Deutschland

Oss site in the Netherlands

Since 2022 we can also offer our trade partners trainings in our BORA Lounge 2.0 in Oss. From product demonstrations to cooking shows and assembly trainings, everything takes place in our beautiful Lounge 2.0.

Kanaalstraat 24, 5347
KM Oss, Niederlande

London site

In the heart of London, we offer our customers training on all aspects of BORA in our BORA Lab. From product and planning basics to installation instructions and sales arguments for BORA, we can introduce our customers to the world of BORA in a pleasant atmosphere and get them excited about the products.

Mill St, SE1 2BD
London, Vereinigtes Königreich