Lively, fun, professional

The BORA Academy team welcomes you to the training centre! It is extremely important to us that your wishes and needs are fulfilled and that each participant is inspired by their own personal BORA experience. We aim to exceed your expectations. All of our trainers have had hands-on experience, see themselves as hosts and are at your service as skilled contact partners when you need them – in the six languages in which we also offer our training courses.

Head of BORA Academy / Trainers

May we introduce: Your hosts, who will spend an extraordinary BORA experience with you.

Kai Windmann Head of BORA Academy / Trainer
Passionate about training, this skilled carpenter likes to develop creative approaches and loves the mountains and nature.
Florian Amor Trainer
The “Academy Entertainer” who alongside German and English also speaks fluent Dutch and enjoys doing outdoor sports.
Benjamin Hofbeck Trainer
Cheerful, sociable, sporty and fashion-conscious – a passionate cyclist with the qualities of a salesman.  
Quirin Thierfelder Trainer
A qualified joiner who loves being in the open air, whether mountain biking in the hills or boating on the lake.
Josef Turner Trainer
A creative pragmatist, he often acts on the spur of the moment. He speaks fluent English and is mad about football.
Pierre-Charles Brousse Trainer
An amateur carpenter and passionate angler who enjoys eating fish. Originally from France, he lived in South America for a number of years.
Hanna Bödecker Trainer
A pineapple lover from Berlin. She likes to amuse those around her with her dialect and imitation skills.
Ingo Hartmann Trainer

A sociable family man. A joiner by trade, he loves tinkering with classic cars and globetrotting.

Training Organisation

Our organizational talents will ensure that your stay runs smoothly.

Anna Ziegler Team Lead Training Organisation
An organiser who loves to plan things. After a day at work you can often find her on the tennis court.
Valerie Argstatter Training Organisation Manager
As the Academy’s “walking diary” she always has a grip on things, even in stressful situations. A cat and festival fan.
Fabienne Menge Training Organisation Manager
An outdoor person who appreciates good food – preferably spicy and Asian. She plays the guitar and sings.
Pauline Seebacher Training Organisation Manager
A creative globetrotter who loves walking and, above all, city breaks.  
Lisa Schweiger Training Organisation Manager

Travelling, yoga, cycling and mountain climbing – this talented linguist loves being on the move and enjoys drinking coffee in all its forms.


Your well-being is important to us. Our colleagues will do everything in their power to ensure this.

Christina Freidhof Hospitality Manager
A goal-oriented, efficient planner with a big heart who likes to spend her free time in her family chalet.
Bernadette Hell Hospitality Coordinator
A positive, happy soul who loves spending time outdoors and dancing. She speaks English and French.
Altina Maloku Hospitality Coordinator

A talented organiser and bookworm. Loves baking and enjoys making others laugh.