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Train the Chef

How do I plan the perfect BORA cooking demonstration? How can I keep my customers absorbed from start to finish? This presentation and product training session will equip you with handy tools and plenty of inspiration to host the perfect live cooking event. You will also learn about the BORA philosophy and the key events in the brand’s history. BORA Train the Chef specifically caters to those who usually work in our retail partners’ show kitchens: their chefs and experienced, ambitious employees who love cooking.

  • Target group

    Chefs and members of staff with an affinity for cooking

  • 2 days

    Day 1: Individual arrival until 7 p.m. (inc. Bavarian Dinner)

    Day 2: 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. (inc. BORA cooking evening)

    Day 3: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m

  • BORA Academy

    Rosenheimer Str. 32

    83064 Raubling 


  • Costs

    350,00 €/£ plus VAT (inc. hotel, catering, transfer)

    450,00 €/£ plus VAT (inc. hotel, catering, transfer and flight)

  • Training content
    • The BORA success story – the company and its philosophy
    • The role of chefs and cooking at BORA – what makes a BORA chef special?
    • Product basics and product training – the key to a successful BORA cooking demonstration
    • Presentation training and group cooking – how do I plan the perfect BORA cooking demonstration?
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I love the hospitality of the BORA Academy. Our training course was comprehensive, informative and extremely enjoyable. We would love to come again.

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