BORA Training

This is the perfect introduction to the world of BORA for all our active retail partners and their employees. This training session will teach you the basics for effective sales. You will receive fascinating insights into the success story behind the BORA cooking revolution, and you will learn more about how ventilation technology works along with the basic product features and planning details. The session will also introduce you to marketing tools and arguments for your sales pitch so you can instantly win over your customers. You will also get a chance to experience BORA products firsthand as part of a group cooking evening.

  • Target group

    BORA salespeople and planners from kitchen retailers

  • Duration

    2 days

    Day 1: Individual arrival until 7 p.m. (inc. Bavarian Dinner)

    Day 2: 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. (inc. BORA cooking evening)

    Day 3: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

  • Location

    BORA Academy in Raubling, Germany

  • Costs

    150,00 €/£ plus VAT (inc. hotel, catering, transfer)

    400,00 €/£ plus VAT (inc. hotel, catering, transfer and flight)

  • Training content
    • The BORA company – the success story of the kitchen revolution incl. visit werkhaus
    • Basics and planing details on the new products BORA refrigeration and freezing systems, BORA M Pure, BORA lighting and BORA QVac vacuum sealer
    • Update and basics on the current BORA products: BORA Professional 3.0, Classic 2.0, Pure / X Pure / S Pure and X BO
    • Marketing sales arguments tangible - valuable tips for daily sales business and answers to the most frequently asked customer questions
    • Presentation of inspiring marketing tools for your daily business
    • Cooking evening together- experience BORA live!
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I love the hospitality of the BORA Academy. Our training course was comprehensive, informative and extremely enjoyable. We would love to come again.

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